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Stainless steel tube from a UK manufacturer

Heat Recovery Unit

Development of a secondary heat recovery unit

Secondary Heat Recovery Unit

The Challenge
A leading European manufacturer of oil fired boilers required a condensing heat recovery unit in order to offer increased energy efficiency in anticipation of enhanced European Fuel Efficiency Regulations for new boiler installations. The customer specified that the new unit must to be able to take in exhaust gas temperatures of up to 300°C and vent at about 80°C. It needed to work with their existing oil fired boiler design and, as these boilers are designed to be installed in a domestic application, it had to be very compact.

The Solution
CSi Ltd developed a heat recovery unit, designed and tuned to match the specific back pressure and efficiency requirements of the client's particular oil fuelled boilers rated from 18 to 24kW. The unit efficiently takes the hot boiler exhaust gases, which can be up to 300°C, and vents to the atmosphere at about 80°C. The recovered heat can then be used to preheat water as it enters the heating system.

CSi Ltd based this design around a patented high efficiency stainless steel tube, which is designed for products required to recover heat when operating in a very hot and corrosive atmosphere. Type 904L stainless steel was chosen for this application due to its ability to withstand the corrosive effects of Sulphur Dioxide (SO₂).

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